Ohana Produce Plus Program

Ohana community food distribution sites distribute food to an average of 23,014 people per month and help feed even more people, each person receiving food for a household of two or more members. The Ohana Produce Plus Program is for many families, their only source of fresh fruits and vegetables. Produce distributed through the program provides needed nutrients in their diets and supplements food staples families may afford through store purchases or food stamps.

23,014 people per month received 7.6 million pounds of food during 2015-16.

For 19 years, the Hawaii Foodbank and our member agencies have distributed millions of pounds of fresh produce and food to underserved communities on Oahu through the Ohana Produce Plus Program. Donated and purchased food is distributed to low-income families, the elderly, disabled, the homeless and the working poor in communities island-wide.

Last year, the Ohana Produce Plus Program served 21 communities on Oahu through
29 member agencies.