Feeding Programs

Feeding Programs

Hawaii Foodbank currently has five feeding programs. Click here to learn about the different types of food assistance that are available for residents with low income, seniors and keiki.

Hawaii Foodbank Warehouse
Hawaii Foodbank Community Partnerships

What We Do

The Hawaii Foodbank in partnership with the food industry and community serves as a link between charities and those in need of food assistance. Our drivers collect food from supermarkets, distributors and wholesalers and bring them to our warehouse for inspection and sorting. The screen food items are then available for distribution through nearly 200 charitable agencies on Oahu to feed our hungry.

Last year, the Hawaii Foodbank received over 13.7 million pounds of food in Oahu and Kauai. This fiscal year total included 3.8 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables which were inspected, sorted and distributed through the Hawaii Foodbank's Ohana Produce Program.

In fiscal year 2016, Hawaii Foodbank distributed over 12.8 million pounds of food from our warehouse locations in Oahu and Kauai. Of the total amount distributed, about one-third consisted of fresh produce. We also shipped 115,036 pounds of food to Maui Food Bank.

The Hawaii Foodbank network of member agencies serve the elderly, families, children and people who financially struggle to make ends meet. Hawaii's hungry are people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, ages and economic status.

The Hawaii Foodbank is a certified member of Feeding America and operates as the official food bank in the State of Hawaii. To distribute food to the neighbor islands, we work with three subsidiary organizations: The Food Basket on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Maui Community Food Bank, and the Hawaii Foodbank - Kauai Branch.

The Hawaii Foodbank collects and distributes many canned goods. However, we also offer perishable items such as fresh fruits/vegetables, dairy, eggs, beef, chicken and fish. All of these items are stored in our warehouse refrigerator and freezer units.

If you are an organization within the food industry and are interested in donating products, please click here!